Benzac ac 5 reviews. Kill Acne Bacteria With Benzac AC (Gel & Wash Review)

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Benzac ac 5 reviews.Benzac Product Reviews and Testimonials 



Benzac ac 5 reviews.

  Ingredient(s) highlight: This product contains 5% benzoyl peroxide; used to treat moderate to severe acne, depends on how strong it is. The product design is great, as it's easy to squeeze, and gravity will always drag the last drops to the end of the tube. Personally, I like to.  

- Kill Acne Bacteria With Benzac AC (Gel & Wash Review) | Jess Bunty


Benzoyl peroxide. Loads of brands use it as a key ingredient, such as Acne. Cue Benzac AC. In Australia, you can quickly and easily grab this stuff off just about any Priceline shelf.

Other retailers such as discount chemists and Chemist Warehouse are bound to stock it too. Produced by Galderma , a company which prides itself on skin care innovation but not on an updated, functioning website apparently , Benzac AC is a brand I have used for years.

The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, a tried and true method of killing off acne bacteria. Personally, I like to apply it to my skin using a cotton-tip or q-tip, for my American friends , in order to avoid touching my skin as much as possible.

The aim of the game is to reduce bacteria, after all! I followed the instructions, washing for 30 seconds before rinsing, and it felt just like a regular gentle cleanser.

Sometimes cleansers can cause a mild tingly sensation, or make your skin feel tight. It feels more like a smooth, gentle formula, similar to Cetaphil cleansers, and leaves no tightness in your sin afterwards. Your skin has had time to become used to the new product, and it should be reacting favourably by this time. In this case, my reaction was… neutral. Nothing much changed! My perspective on skin care has always been that using a mix of natural and man-made chemical products is perfectly fine.

But… that gel? I give it two thumbs up and a big fat grin. If you need something to get your acne under control quickly, then this is absolutely worth the price. Note: as far as I know, this is not a cruelty-free or vegan product line.



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